YouTube finally introduces ‘Dark theme’ for Android Users

YouTube finally introduces ‘Dark theme’ for Android Users

YouTube made the announcement of its upcoming dark theme on last March and likely for both Android and iOS. However, finally, YouTube introduced the ‘dark theme’ for Android users after the theme unveiled for iOS users. These dark mode features appear for Android users and made available for limited Google-powered devices. These new settings can be seen when users access YouTube from their phone and it can be found in the General section. It is not been confirmed yet that till when Android users can avail the newly introduced theme.

According to the standard application, the dimmer display option gets applied automatically on Android devices. With this mode, users in low-light condition are likely to have a smooth viewing experience. However, on the web and iOS, the main interface background changes to a dark gray with on-top with white text option. The settings menu permits to turn it both on and off.

Switch the new ‘Dark theme’ on laptops, desktops and Android devices.

YouTube finally introduces ‘Dark theme’ for Android Users | t

To access the latest YouTube ‘dark theme’, one should go to YouTube app and then tap the account icon in the screen’s top-right corner. Directly visit the Settings option to chose the ‘Dark theme’ option. However, depending on their preferences one can control off/on.

For laptops and Desktops, the procedure of switching the dark theme is the same as that on Android. User need just to go to their account icon in the screens top-right corner and then select the Dark theme live in the Settings. Now activate the control switch to turn the latest updated feature on or off.

Since the YouTube dark mode on Android devices is still spreading and happening to devices, it does not appear like YouTube, which has been introduced just as a test feature.


by Chandrani Sarkar on August 1, 2018

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