Truecaller aquires payment app Chillr, launches Truecaller Pay 2.0

Truecaller aquires payment app Chillr, launches Truecaller Pay 2.0

The contact details locator Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB commonly known as Truecaller is all set to release its new payment app ‘Chillr’. The company is striving to fix its roots in the payments services section in India.

The company has announced that the acquisition of Chillr- the nation’s first multi-bank payment app. It has also said that with the new procurement it looks forward to increasing the awareness of mobile payments among users.

With the deal, the Swiss company has launched the Truecaller 2.0 Pay App which is the updated version of the Truecaller pay. The workforce of the new app will comprise of the founders of Chillr- Sony Joy, Anoop Sankar, Lishoy Bhaskaran and Mohamed Galib.

“Since launching Truecaller Pay in 2017, we’ve seen an increasing number of use cases to make the lives of our users in India easier. By acquiring Chillr, we are reaffirming our commitment to mobile payments and strengthening our plans to increase its adoption amongst our user base. We will, together, have a far bigger impact in this space through the foundation of the team’s expertise and a strong user base that trust our platform and use it on a daily basis.” – said the CEO of Truecaller, Nami Zarringhalam.

The payments application is backed by the ICICI Bank. Truecaller which is widely known for its caller id features abruptly shifted towards developing a payments portal.

“After spending time with the founders and the Truecaller team, we have realized that we share a lot of synergies; values; culture; and a sharp focus on user experience. Our roadmap on payments and financial services which when combined with the scale and resources of Truecaller, can create amazing experiences and solve genuine problems at an accelerated pace,” – said the Co-Founder of Chillr.

It is anticipated that the company will also introduce its credit and financial services in India in the upcoming months.

by Sawan Kumar on June 13, 2018

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