Best face forward: The most innovative face detection apps around

Best face forward: The most innovative face detection apps around

Before the mobile phones became ‘smart’, there was the camera phone. As the phone camera started evolving, so did a certain feature known as face recognition. Born as a pixel-based approximation, this feature now works with near military precision in today’s smartphones. Developers have begun putting this technology to good use by releasing a host of apps, from the fun distractions to the user. Here are seven such apps that you can ‘show your face’ to

Face2Gene: Face2Gene is a medical search and reference tool certified by ISO_27001 & HIPAA, intended for use solely by medical professionals. It examines a photo of one’s face and helps diagnose any medical issues that the patient might be facing, including dysmorphic features and genetic disorders. It is important to note that this app is not meant to be an alternative to professional clinical consultation, but is only a useful reference tool. It also connects medical professionals around the world and offers guidance on which doctor to consult.


Face Swap Live: Face Swap Live allows two people facing the camera to do what took to have each other’s faces. It can swap faces in real time, changing expressions as you change yours. Additionally, you can paste on a prop, or even swap faces with a photo, which has led to a host of people uploading celebrity mimicry videos.

Google Arts & Culture: Google Arts & Culture app includes a feature that allows you to take a selfie, which the app then uses to look for a painting from the Renaissance and other eras of art history that most closely resembles you. So, if you think your expressions are very abstract, give them a literal abstract expressionist look.


Face Dance: Face dance Changes your facial expression at the right moment to match that of the meme expressions that are scrolling up to the rhythm of the song. Like DDR, Face Dance also has a multiplayer ‘dance off’ (or rather, ‘face off’) option where you can challenge your friend to a song bout.


MSQRD: MSQRD offers a host of different ‘masks’ to place in real-time on your face. You can instantly become Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker, or prance around like a mad gorilla. Using a phone with advanced face recognition technology. Record your videos, share them on social media and watch yourself become an instant celebrity, even if for only an instant.

by Sawan Kumar on August 3, 2018

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