Team India of football fulfils their promise after fans acknowledged their request

Team India of football fulfils their promise after fans acknowledged their request

The captain of the Indian football team Sunil Chhetri scored a double against Kenya to please his fans who had gathered at the stadium after his request.

The host defeated the guests 3-0 at a crowded Mumbai Football Arena on Monday.

Chhetri, who was playing his hundredth international match, thanked his fans for acknowledging his request to support football in India.

He had made a request on social media only after two-thousand five hundred and sixty-nine fans attended the match last week.

All seven-thousand tickets were sold out for Monday’s after his request video went viral.

The Blue Tigers coached by former Millwall boss Stephen Constantine now features in the top list in the Intercontinental Cup, a four-team tournament where New Zealand and Chinese Taipei also appears.

Chhetri dedicated the victory to his fans, which include the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also, who are full of acclaim for the captain.

This match was the thirteenth win for India in its last sixteen international games.

The world ranking in 2015 was an all-time low at one hundred and sixty-six but it steadily improved to reach the ninety-seventh spot which is their highest ranking.

When the turn-out hit a new low last week, Chhetri took matters into his own hands by pleading in a video saying, “Please come and support us, encourage us, watch us, abuse us, criticise us. Football in India needs you.”

Cricketers also fully supported their football counterparts.

Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli had asked people to support the team before the match.

by Sawan Kumar on June 5, 2018

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