Protest against Indian Copper Smelter turns Deadly

Protest against Indian Copper Smelter turns Deadly

On Tuesday police fired at a large group of protesters who were towards the closure of a copper smelter managed by Vedanta Resources, as per the authorities. At least nine people lost their lives in the firing.

Edappadi K. Palaniswami the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, said that the cops were compelled to act as the protestors were vehement. The governor put the death assessment at 11. While the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi termed the act as “a brutal example of state-sponsored terrorism”.

The protestors seemed to be bloodthirsty as they set vehicles on fire and shoved stones at police. Palaniswami told that the police was compelled to act “since protesters disregarded a curfew, acted against the advice of police”. He added that despite the warning the crowd coddled towards violence.


The President of Congress Rahul Gandhi who tweeted “The gunning down by the police of nine people in … Tamil Nadu, is a brutal example of state-sponsored terrorism. These citizens were murdered for protesting against injustice. My thoughts & prayers are with the families of these martyrs and the injured.”

However, some local news channels trout out how the police tried to disperse the galaxy of protestors using tear gas. Yet a policeman fired shots from the top of a van. Smoke filled various party of the city.

The state minister D. Jayakumar said while addressing a news show that it has been “unavoidable” for the cops to heave bullets.

“The inaction of the government has led to the people’s protests, and police resorting to firing to control it. Action should be taken to shut down the plant immediately to address this issue,”- said the leader of the opponent group in Tamil Nadu, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

Although the chief of executive of Vedanta Ltd P. Ramnath said that “We would like to restart the plant as soon as possible, in a peaceful manner.”

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 23, 2018

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