Salman Khan Collaborates with The Kardashians for making web content

Salman Khan Collaborates with The Kardashians for making web content

Salman Khan is psyched-up to set foot in the world of TV and web content. His company ties up with the Paris headquartered Banijay Group.

Salman Khan’s television production house SK TV has decided to keep up with the Banijay Group which is the coercion behind some prominent shows such as ‘Survivor’ and emulate with the Kardashians in order to create content across web and television formats.

Banijay Asia and Salman Khan TV (SK TV) have joined hands to give birth to a thought-provoking content for TV and web.

At the beginning of 2018, the content creating portal Banijay Group had stepped in the South Asian and Indian market under the supervision of Deepak Dhar with an objective of bringing forth content across genres.

“This country is home to various talented people who don’t get a fair chance to prove themselves, we at SK TV not only aim to produce engaging content with our partners like Banijay Group but also provide a fair platform to these young and budding individuals,” – said Salman Khan in an conversation with the IANS.

“Honestly, the employment opportunities I can provide on the film front are limited because I am able to do only one or maximum two films each year. However, SK TV has a broader base where we will be coming up with multiple shows across various genres hence generating better employment opportunities for these hidden talents who aspire to make it big,”- he added.

The collaboration of both the companies will put light on scripted and non-scripted content provided by Banijay Asia through Deepak Dhar and SK TV across a wide range of enthralling genres that South East Asian and Indian markets.

“I am really looking forward to this association as creating ground-breaking content for India and South East Asia, creating challenging content has been my forte. This is an extremely substantial partnership for us to associate with SK TV. With the emerging shows, in television and digital, this collaboration will build our presence in India and South East Asia.”- said the founder and CEO of Banijay Asia.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 24, 2018

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