Whatsapp Plays A Vital Role in Indian Elections

Whatsapp Plays A Vital Role in Indian Elections

The messaging service of Facebook of Mark Zukerberg recently played a crucial role in the assembly elections in
Karnataka recently. Majority of the young supporters of political parties around the state availed these facility for campaigning for their favorite candidates as well as for sharing views with their peers about the election process. People also chose this alternative idea to beat the heat. Prabhat Bhat a young BJP activist told the media that he took the help of whats app to maintain contact with his peers , for sharing their views and sending information about the activities of candidates of other political parties. Whatsapp has emerged as the most popular messaging service among the tech savvy citizens of the developing countries in recent-times. The leaders of poilitical parties are taking recourse of whatsapp to woo the voters because it is hassle free and this facility also saves their time. In the recently finished Karnataka assembly elections both the BJP and Congress partyworkers succeeded to set up about 50000 whatsappp group among them and this unique messaging service helped the party leaders to reach a large number of voters very quickly and this facility also minimized the hastles of campaigning door to door to a large extent according to the leaders of various political parties.

The Hindutva activist used the video clippings of an incident of an attack upon a Hindu woman by some muslim men to instigate the Hindus to fight against the Muslims and on the other hand some Muslim fundamentalist groups spread anti -Hindu sentiments through whatsapp;.Even the small regional parties like the Aam Admi Party were not far behind the large parties during the assembly elections of Karnataka According to Ankit Lal a young AAP supporter their main messaging tool was whatsapp which helped them to perform the campaigning process during the assembly elections of the state.

Whatsapp messages have become an instant hit with the members of the political parties because in most of then cases the messages become hidden and the sender gets an option of not revealing his or her identity. When a message is forwarded through whatsapp it is very difficult to find out its origin. Govind Ethiraj of Boom and India speed the company which took the charge of checking the irregularities during the assembly elections of the state has recently condemned Whatsapp for the misuse of information during the elections. The CEO and founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg recently gave assurance of taking actions against the misuse of Facebook and Instagram but he did not say any word against the misuse of whstsapp. However, the whatsapp officials said that they were aware of the fact that a group of people sent hate speeches and false information through the messaging service and they were not going to spare the offenders.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 17, 2018

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