Find out Why India’s investors need to get over their inferiority complex

Find out Why India’s investors need to get over their inferiority complex

The Indian e-commerce company Flipkart left no stone unturned to raise funds from local sources but was scorned and shoved aside making way for foreign investors. This is somewhat a matter of shame and will continue to exist in the nation unless the Indian investors realize that fortune lies within the boundaries of India and not in the Silicon Valley.

The Flipkart deal has created a scenario of compression in India, with the masses becoming aware of the fact that the herculean majority of the $16 billion would now lie in the hands of foreign investors namely SoftBank, Naspers, Tiger Global and Accel Partners. The acquisition seems to prove an eye opener for the people. The Indian investors are weeping over the exit of the largest e-commerce platform in India. But they have no option rather than to cry over the spoiled. “Flipkart tried hard to raise money locally but was ridiculed and turned away, leaving only the foreign giants to rescue it.”- said an Indian Investor.

The deal would repeat again in India until the investors realize the truth behind foreign investments. My sympathy is with the founders of the e-commerce platform Sachin and Binny Bansal, as I have personally felt the Indian inferiority manifold at the workplace.

Experts laid their view on the spoiled broth. It was told that living in the Silicone Valley is a good deal but living as an investor had no potential. Indian startups have a life-changing notion. In the coming times, things could be grown up to the enormity with a conviction, within the boundaries of India. The Flipkart acquisition was just a time waster for the founders.

As per a prediction, in upcoming years India has the potential to transform to an enormous level with the notion of startups.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 24, 2018

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