Dell Technologies Survey: Indian firms ahead in technology implementation

Dell Technologies Survey: Indian firms ahead in technology implementation

A survey by Dell Technologies revealed that while countries like Australia and Singapore are yet to achieve human-machine integration, Indian companies have already taken the step ahead in terms of technology preparedness as 38 percent of the local firms have achieved the human-machine integration.

Rajesh Janey, MD and President, India Enterprise, Dell EMC shared the details of the survey, “In India businesses are more mature than their global counter parts which was a surprise for us.”

The survey was conducted with the objective of finding the impact of technology on society by the year 2030. Among the participants were 3,800 global business leaders. It included 300 Indian business leaders across 12 sectors, in 17 countries. Approximately 40 percent IT leaders, 60 percent business leaders or head of departments were interviewed in the survey and companies having more than 250 employees.

China believes it is likely to achieve the human-machine integration in the next 2-5 years; Australia, New Zealand and Singapore feel that they are likely to achieve it in the next two years, while Japan is not sure yet. “38 percent Indian businesses feel they have already achieved this.” Janey said.

On the challenges that the countries face in implementing technology, all countries barring China feel that the most likely barrier is a lack of budget and resources, whereas China feels it is the lack of senior support and leadership. 47 per cent in India believe that the challenge lies in data security and data privacy.

On wider potential implications and risks of human-machine partnerships over the next ten years, 56 percent of the surveyed Chinese firms said, “the more we depend upon technology, the more we have to lose in the event of a cyber-attack”.

In case of India, 57 percent said that clear lines of responsibility and protocols will need to be established.


(Source: PTI)

by TNBC Staff Reporter on February 14, 2018

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