Chicago and San Francisco going to get Amazon’s cashier-less Go stores

Chicago and San Francisco going to get Amazon’s cashier-less Go stores

Amazon is looking forward to opening more of its cashier-less Go stores across the United States and it seems so that San Francisco and Chicago are among the next cities to get them, as per the new job postings in those cities.

The Seattle Times discovered the postings and in response to them, an Amazon spokesperson has confirmed that the stores were being planned for both the cities, though the particular time hasn’t been specified.

Many details aren’t been provided beyond the general job listings except a few management positions around these two cities.

The SF Chronicle reported earlier this week that an Amazon Go store could be on the cards at SF’s heavily trafficked Union Square downtown area. On the other hand, the company has a permit for what would be a much smaller 635-square foot “Amazon store” inside Chicago’s Loop area.

Amazon Go store is designed with the idea of getting consumers in and out of a convenient store-like grocery without ever going through the checkout process. The stores depend heavily on close circuit cameras tracking customers and keeping an eye on them checking what are they buying while charging them directly through an Amazon Go app. The company’s “Store of the future” is currently located in Seattle only and seems to be a totally separate initiative from Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired last year.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 17, 2018

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